Fleetguard Venturi™ Combo Lube Filter

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Brand Fleetguard @     Fleetguard Venturi™ Combo Lube Filter - INDOMASTER PART   adalah distributor alat-alat perkapalan, mesin kapal, sparep...
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Fleetguard @   Fleetguard Venturi™ Combo Lube Filter - INDOMASTER PART  adalah distributor alat-alat perkapalan, mesin kapal, sparepart kapal, sparepart genset, dan perlengkapan kapal lainnya. Merk - merk produk yang kami jual  Caterpillar, Cummins, Donaldson, Fleetguard, Mitsubishi, Perkins, Sakura , Yanmar .Untuk permintaan penawaran ataupun informasi produk kami silahkan hubungi marketing kami Di SINI

 Fleetguard Venturi™ Combo Lube Filter 
The Venturi includes bypass filtration

More than 75% of contamination found in engine oil is soot.

Soot is the major wear-causing component of an engine. At Cummins Filtration, we understand that soot removal is the key to more reliable equipment and increased profitability. Our Venturi Combo series lube filters use advanced design technology to remove soot from engine oil more efficiently.
Soot is generated through the combustion process and the residue of unburnt fuel, varnishes, carbon, acids, water and lacquers. These contaminants make their way into the oil past the piston rings and accumulate over time.
Venturi Combo filters incorporate specialised media that attracts and holds the soot, allowing the oil to run cleaner for longer. The patented stacked disc media in the Venturi Combo filter’s bypass system allows ultrafine filtering of the oil to capture and retain up to four times more soot than a conventional oil filter.

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